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About Us

We wanted to create something valuable in a world that sometimes seems to have no values at all. To create something that lasts. Like an artist does. Palics and it's region is known for it's wines for centuries. We've decided to continue the nice tradition of wine making as well. Our winery is a young and dinamyc family owned enterprise. We've planted our first grapes in 2010 on the shores of the Ludas lake, in the heart of the Szabadka-Horgos wine region. Since than we've added new sites to our estate.

When selecting our wines we focused on the ballance between the traditional (Lemberger, Italian Riesling), the native (Kadarka, Kövidinka) and the global (Cabernet sauvignon, Cabernet franc and Sauvignon blanc) grape varieties.

We achieved some great results on our first wine competition back in May 2014. Our Sauvignon blanc got a bronze medal, whilst our 2013 Rosé reached a gold medal. It also became the highest ranked Rosé wine of the competition. We always knew we are on the right path. This success proves that others think the same thing about us.


Our Wines

We grow our grapes in a traditional fashion, and we focus on making our wines in the most natural way. The white and rosé wines are made using reductive technologies only, which makes the wines fresh and fruity. The red wines are ripened in small oak barrels.

Sauvignon Blanc

Vintage : 2018

This white wine was made with reductive winemaking technology. Our Sauvignon Blanc is characterized by pleasant acids with a wide range of fresh aromas enriched with discreet shades of elderflower.

Ideal harmony is reached with cream soups, poultry dishes with fresh vegetables and salads, and cheeses. We recommend it chilled at 10-12 ˚C.


Vintage : 2018

Our Riesling –made of the region’s signature white grape- is characterized by a wide range of gorgeous and rich aromas and offers intense tones of citrus with a touch of almond. 

Harmony of flavours is achieved with sandwiches, cold and hot roasted meats and Hungarian dishes. We recommend it chilled to a temperature of 10-12 °C.


Vintage : 2018

For a while ago it was the most known white wine of our wine region, nowdays it's the everydays wine. Thanks to low alcohol and smooth acid levels it can be a good companion for almost every meal. Also a very good base for making sparkling wine with soda water.


Vintage : 2018

Our  rosé  was made with modern reductive winemaking technology. The wine is characterised by mesmerizing freshness with rich aromas and intense bouquet of red fruits.

A perfect companion for fish and poultry specialties. We recommend it well chilled at 9-10 ˚C, within a year after bottling. 


Vintage : 2013

This red wine has a structure with rounded soft tannins and it is aged in wooden  barrels for a year. Intense fruit aromas are enriched with a lively and playful acidity.

This would make an excellent companion to meat and fish dishes especially to fish soup. We recommend it chilled at a temperature of 16-18 °C.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Vintage : 2015

The wine is characterized by ruby red colour and intense spicy aromas typical of Cabernet Sauvignon. Before bottling, it is aged in wooden barrels for two years.

Our Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied, yet elegant and pleasant red wine. We recommend it chilled at a temperature of 18-20 °C, or even at room-temperature.

Sauvignon Blanc

Évjárat : 2018

Reduktív technológiával készült kellemesen savas, fajtajelleges fehérbor. Zöld illatok jellemzik, ízében citrusos, bodzás jegyeket hordoz.

Kiváló párosítás krémlevesekhez, zöld köretekkel kísért fehér húsokhoz és sajtokhoz. 10-12 oC-on fogyasszuk.


Évjárat : 2018

A régió hagyományos fehér szőlőjéből készült élénk zamatú karakteres rizlingbor. A citrusos ízvilágot enyhe mandulára emlékeztető utóíz követi.

Szendvicsekhez, hideg és meleg sültekhez valamint magyaros ételekhez egyaránt ajánlott. 10-12 oC-on fogyasszuk.


Évjárat : 2018

A borvidék régmultját idéző fehérbor a mindennapokra. Alacsony alkoholtartalom és kevés sav jellemzi, ezért ételeink széles spektrumához könnyedén párosítható. Kiválóan alkalmas fröccs alapnak.

Kékfrankos Rosé

Évjárat : 2018

Korszerű reduktív technológiával készült friss, üde rosé bor, melyet piros bogyós gyümölcsökre emlékeztető íz és illat jellemez.

Első sorban hal és fehér húsú ételek mellé kiváló párosítás. Fogyasztása 9-10 oC-on ajánlott, a palackozást követő 1 éven belül.


Évjárat : 2013

Lágy, kerek, fajtajelleges vörösbor, melyet egy évig érleltünk fahordóban. Savai játékosak, finom gyümölcsös aromájú.

Hús és hal ételekhez egyaránt ajánljuk, a halászlevek mellé kitűnő választás. Fogyasztása 16-18 oC-on ajánlott.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Évjárat : 2015

Rubinvörös színű, gazdag, fűszeres illattal rendelkező vörösbor, mely szépen mintázza a típikus Cabernet jegyeket. Két év fahordós érlelést követően kerül palackozásra.

Testes mégis elegáns, kellemes vörösbor. Fogyasztása 18-20 oC-on, vagy akár szobahőmérsékleten ajánlott.

The Estate

Our vineyards lie on the shores of the Ludas Lake, and have breathtaking views of this impressive nature conservation area. The nearby lake provides the vineyards with a unique microclimate and the large water surface equalizes the possible extremities of the weather. The mature fruit bears the mineral characteristics of the mould rich soil. During the growing of our wines we focus on the maximum harmony with the nature.

GPS Coordinates

N 46.0935 , E 19.8147

The Winemaker's Diary



Todays view from the top of our cellar with the Ludas Lake in the background.

Ambitious goals...


The planning which we've been working on for the last couple of months is nearing completion. We're commencing one of our biggest investments so far, in the following weeks. We're planning to build a classic farmhouse with porch, over our wine cellar, which was completed in 2013. This will be the future site of our wine tastings and dinners. These surroundings will hopefully create a fun and harmonious atmosphere for our upcoming events.

When spring comes...


There are not many things in this world more beautiful the rebirth of nature. Just as plants and wildlife I also don't like winter, which fortunately is coming to it's end very soon. Everywhere I look, tasks are awaiting to be done. I'm trying to catch up with myself and with nature of course...

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